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Russian Flavor Manufacturing

  • The plant manufactures a wide range of liquid and powdered flavorings for confectionary products.

    Flavorings for confectionary products

  • The range of ingredients for drinks includes over 200 items.

    Flavorings for soft drinks

  • Flavorings for bakery products

  • The plant offers a wide variety of flavorings for dairy products.

    Flavorings for dairy products

  • The range of liquid ice-cream flavorings includes vanilla (for traditional Glace Plombières), vanilla cream and other flavorings.

    Liquid flavorings for frozen products

  • Wide range of flavorings for food concentrates, inclusive of liquid and powdered flavorings.

    Flavorings for food concentrates

  • Wide assortment of flavorings for the production of flavored vegetable oils, margarines, spreads, mayonnaises, ketchups and other sauces.

    Flavorings for oil-and-fat products

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The traditionally strong points of the Chemical & Food Aromatic Plant are flavorings for confectionery products and soft drinks.

The Chemical & Food Aromatic Plant LLC today is the largest Russian manufacturer of food flavorings, with an extensive dealership network for food industry throughout Russia, CIS countries and the Baltic States.

Drink manufacturers can select from a total of over 120 types of flavors for sugar-based and low-calorie drinks, long drinks and alcoholic drinks, transparent and clouded drinks, still and carbonated drinks, kvass, juice drinks and tea drinks.

We offer the manufacturers a broad range of vanilla, cream, milk, fruit, berry and nut flavorings for all kinds of candy and confectionery products. We produce flavorings under traditional and popular names, such as Baked Milk, Vanilla Cream, Barberry, and others, and constantly add new food flavorings to our product line.