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Storage Period for Food Flavorings

Food flavorings (group H 91, OKP Code 91 5430) are not included in the list of consumer goods approved by the Government of the Russian Federation (Order No. 720 dated 16.06.97), which products are considered unsuitable for use according to the intended purpose upon expiration of their “best before” period, i.e. food flavorings do not have an established “best before” period. Flavorings do have shelf-life dates.

Storage Period – a period of time when the product retains all the properties as established in standards of engineering specifications, provided it is stored as indicated. Expiration of the storage period does not mean that the product is not suitable for use according to the intended purpose.

Storage periods for certain food flavorings are shown in engineering specifications. After expiration of the storage period the consumer must check the conformity of physical, chemical and organoleptic indicators to the requirements of standard documentation. The flavoring may be used for the designated purpose if found compliant. When ordered by the Customer, the Factory will analyze the quality of the flavoring with expired storage period and adopt a decision on its further use.

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