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Caramel Color

The Factory produces natural food colorant Е 150а according to the requirements of TU 9185-014-00333204-2004, Concentrated Caramel Colorant: Specifications.

This food colorant is an aqueous solution of burnt sugar intended for providing color and taste to soft drinks and other foodstuffs.

Organoletpic, physical, chemical and toxicological indicators of the food colorant should correspond to the requirements as shown in Table 1.

Table 1

Name of the Indicator Indicator Value
Appearance and color Viscous dark brown liquid
Smell Characteristic caramel flavor
Density at 20°С, g/cm3 1,25 – 1,35
Mass fraction of solids, % 60,0 – 70,0
Solubility of 10.0 g of colorant in 100 g of water Fully soluble
Optical density for wave length of 400 nm in a 10 mm wide pan, 0.2 g of colorant in 250 ml 0,35-0,40
Content of toxic elements mg/kg, maximum Arsenic………………………….1,0

The sugar colorant is not combustible, explosive, or toxic.

Recommendations on Using Food Colorants


  • Soft drink, long drink and syrup recipes allow substitution of caramel color made according to TI 10-04-06-11-87 standard, or sugar colorant made according to TU 9185-014-00333204-99 by concentrated sugar colorant made according to TU 9185-014-00333204- 2004 in the ratio of mass fractions 1: 0.5, instead of 1.0 kg of sugar colorant 0.5 kg of concentrated sugar colorant may be used, with corresponding recalculation of dry substance content in drink or syrup.
  • To use with food colorants, concentrated caramel color must be first dissolved in water and filtered. 20% solutions (by weight) are recommended.
  • The storage period of food colorant solutions at temperatures of (20 ± 5)°С should not exceed 2 days.


  • Recommended dosage of concentrated caramel color is 2.0 – 4.0 kg per ton of ready ice-cream, depending on the required intensity of color. The weight of the colorant added to the milk-based ice-cream depends on the mass fraction of fats in the ice-cream and the degree of overrun. Colorant mass used in the product may fluctuate within the range of ± 20%.
  • The storage period of food colorant solutions at temperatures of (20 ± 5)°С should not exceed 2 days.

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