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Safety requirements for Food Flavorings

According to GOST R 52177-2003, Food Flavorings: General Specifications and SanPiN, Hygienic Requirements for Application of Food Additives, the flavorings must meet the following requirements:

  • Content of toxic elements must not exceed the following maximum admissible levels (mg/kg): lead – 5.0, arsenic – 3.0, cadmium – 1.0, mercury – 1.0;
  • In smoking flavorings the content of benzapyrene must not exceed 2 mkg/kg (l), the share of benzapyrene components in food products must not exceed 0.03 mkg/kg (l).

The requirements for microbiological indicators of flavorings are presented in Table 1.

Type of Flavoring

QMAFAnM (*), CFU/g, max
КОЕ/г, не более

Product weight in g, in which the following are not allowed

Mould, CFU/g, max

Yeast, CFU/g, max

E-coli (**)

Pathogenic microorganisms,
including salmonella

Liquid and paste-like aqueous substances (***)

5 . 10 2




Dry substances based on sugar, gum, salt, etc.

5 . 10 3





Dry substances based on starch and spices (****)

5 . 10 5





* - QMAFAnM – Quantity of Mesophilic, Aerobic and Facultative Anaerobic Microorganisms;
** - E-coli – bacteria of the e-coli group;
*** - Except water solutions with the content of ethyl spirit or 1.2-propylene glycol of more than 10%, and water solutions with the hydrogen indicator (рН) less than 4.0. ;
**** - For spices, sulphite-reducing clostridia are not allowed in 0.01g.

In flavorings containing raw materials of plant origin with active or toxic components (agaric acid, aloin, beta-asarone, berberine, cumarin, hydrocyanic acid, hypericin, pulegone, quassine, quinine, saffrol, isosaffrol, santonin, an alpha- thujone and beta- thujone), the manufacturer must declare the presence of these substances in the product. The manufacturer must guarantee that when maximum admissible quantity of flavorings is used, the content of these substances in ready foodstuffs will be below admissible levels.

The requirements as set forth above correspond to the requirements established by EU Directive 88/388. The components used in any flavoring must be approved in the order as established by an authorized body. The list of substances allowed for use in flavorings is presented in SanPiN, Hygienic Requirements Regarding Application of Food Additives (Appendix 6).

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