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Russian Flavor Manufacturing


The Chemical & Food Aromatic Plant provides food flavorings for manufacture of confectionery products and soft drinks. The smooth manufacturing process at our Factory allows to provide our customers with a wide assortment of food flavorings of vanilla, cream, milk, fruit, berry, and nut groups for all kinds of confectionery and baked products.

In addition to scrupulous testing of food flavorings, colorants and concentrates using various model samples of products, our experts at the application laboratory develop individual recommendations for confectionery enterprises taking into account specific product cycles.

To create new complex tastes and flavors of various confectionery products we offer complex liquid flavorings, identical to natural flavors, and compositions with juice food concentrates and other natural components.

We can offer drink manufacturers a broad range of aromas: more than 200 types of food flavorings for any drinks: sugar-based and low-calorie drinks, soft drinks, long drinks and strong drinks, clear and clouded drinks, still and carbonated drinks, kvass, juice-based and tea-based drinks.

The identical to natural flavor is obtained by heating of reducing sugars and amino compounds. This type of flavor contains natural flavor substances and can be used to improve the smell of the products, making them more attractive to buyers.

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