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Definitions are provided in accordance with GOST R 52177-2003 Food Flavorings: General Technical Specifications

  • Food flavoring: Any food additive introduced for improvement of flavor and taste, made of a mix of flavor and taste-enhancing substances or a single flavor- and taste-enhancing substance (flavor- and taste-enhancing component) with or without a solvent agent or a dry carrier (filling).
  • Note – food flavoring may include food raw materials, food colorants, cloud emulsions, preservatives, antioxidants and other food additives and substances allowed by authorized bodies.

  • Natural flavoring: Substance containing only natural components from whatever sources are available.
  • Identical to natural flavor: Any flavoring, which contains one or several identical to natural flavors; may also contain natural flavorings
  • Artificial flavoring: Any flavoring, which contains one or several artificial flavor substances, and which may also contain natural and identical to natural flavorings.
  • Technological (reactionary) flavoring: Any flavoring obtained through interaction between amino compounds and reducing sugars.
  • Smoke flavoring: The flavoring obtained from filtered smoke, applied in traditional smoking of foods.
  • Flavor enhancing substance: An organic substance with characteristic flavor, intended for making food flavorings.
  • Natural flavor- and taste-enhancing substance: A flavoring (or a mixture thereof), made of raw materials of plant or animal origin, including the preparation of foodstuffs processed by traditional ways, by means of physical or biotechnological methods.
  • Flavor- and taste-enhancing, identical to the natural substance: Any flavoring substance found in raw material of plant or animal origin, obtained by a chemical method; a mix of substances made of smoke, and applied in traditional smoking, or obtained from a mix of amino compounds and reducing sugars.
  • Artificial flavor- and taste-enhancing substance: Any flavoring not identified in raw materials of plant or animal origin and obtained through chemical synthesis.
  • Please Note. Recently the Union of Manufacturers of Food Components (UMFC) introduced a draft of the Federal law “On Technical Regulations Regarding Application of Food Additives, Flavorings And Technological Auxiliary Means,” which introduces slightly modified terms and definitions ( ).

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