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Russian Flavor Manufacturing

General Technical Requirements for Flavorings

The Chemical Food Aromatic Plant follows GOST R 52177-2003 standard, “Food Flavorings: General Technical Conditions” in accordance to the following technical conditions:

  • TU 9154-008-00334557-96, TU 9154-011-00333204-98, TU 9154-013-00333204-99, TU 9154-021-0033204-2004, TU 9154-025-00333204-2006, TU 9154-026-00333204-2007 (liquid alcohol-free flavorings),
  • TU 9154-024-00333204-2005 (liquid alcohol-containing flavorings),
  • TU 9154-019-00333204-2002 (emulsion flavorings),
  • TU 9154-016-00333204-2000 (liquid alcohol-free flavorings with colorants),
  • TU 9154-012-00333204-99 (powdered flavorings),
  • TU 9154-023-00333204-2005 (dry flavorings for snacks).

Factory products also comply with the following specifications:

  • TU 9185-015-00333204-2005 (concentrates for soft drinks),
  • TU 9185-017-00333204-2001 (acid components for cola-type soft drinks),
  • TU 9185-020-00333204-2002 (cloud emulsion for drinks),
  • TU 9185-014-00333204-2004 (natural colorant, concentrated sugar color).

Provision Regarding Absence of Genetically Modified Organisms or Sources in Factory Products

The Chemical Food Aromaric Plant makes no products from genetically modified raw materials or any products that come from genetically modified sources.

Recommendations Regarding Use of Factory Products

The information on using our flavorings (kinds of products and dosage) is presented in:

  • recommendations (general recommendations and recommendations on separate types of products),
  • instructions regarding application of food flavorings in the process of manufacturing ice-cream, approved by SE RIR&DI (State Establishment Refrigerating Industry Research and Development Institute),
  • recipes of soft drinks, kvass, syrups, and long drinks.

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