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Flavors for confectionery

The Factory produces a wide range of liquid flavorings for confectionery products in the following groups:

  • Vanilla (more than 15 varieties),
  • Milk, cream, butter (milk, baked milk, condensed milk, boiled condensed milk, yoghurt, cream, butter),
  • Butterscotch (toffee, crème-brulle, caramel),
  • Nuts (peanut, walnut, coconut, almond, pistachios, hazelnut),
  • Chocolate, cocoa,
  • Coffee (bitter coffee, cappuccino, mocha),
  • Honey (flower, buckwheat, lime),
  • Rum, punch, cognac, wine,
  • Citrus (lemon, orange, grapefruit, tangerine),
  • Fruit, wild berries, garden berries,
  • Exotic fruit (kiwi, mango, feijoa, etc.),
  • Spices (coriander, cinnamon, laurel, rosemary, spices, fennel, peppermint),
  • Mint, menthol (natural),
  • Cheese, egg.
  • Composite flavors (orange-chocolate, vanilla-caramel, spicy vanilla, vanilla cream, butterscotch cream, cocoa cream, creamy liquor, vanilla butter, butter cream, vanilla milk, apple and cinnamon).

The assortment of powder food flavorings includes the following groups:

  • Vanilla (6 types),
  • Composite (vanilla cream, spicy vanilla, vanilla coffee, vanilla cappuccino, vanilla milk),
  • Fruit and berries (orange, strawberry, peach etc.).

We offer consultations on applying flavorings for baked products, provide samples for testing, and send our consultants to customer enterprises.

Upon request, the Factory provides recommendations on use of various groups of confectionery and baked products and half-finished confectionery products, including:

  • Marshmallows, soufflé,
  • Toffee, caramel,
  • Gingerbread, fruitcakes, shortcakes,
  • Fudge,
  • Wafer and praline stuffing,
  • Fruit stuffing made of baked apples or apple jam,
  • Glazing, cream, syrup for pies and cakes.

The Factory also offers consultations on using compositions of two flavorings for confectionery products..

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