Anniversary Of
Russian Flavor Manufacturing

Our Plant Today

The history of the Chemical & Food Aromatic Plant has defined the history of food flavoring making in Russia.
The Factory grew from Politkatorzhanin Cooperative Society, which produced extracts of wild cranberry and cowberry.

During the period of the First Five-Year Plan the Soviet economy grew rapidly. The Soviet Government wanted to rid the food industry from import of raw materials, and the decision was adopted to start making own food essences. To achieve this ambitious goal the faculty of the Lensovet Leningrad Institute of Technology and Leningrad State University created special laboratories and design bureaus.

The planned development of the Factory started in 1935 when the business was transferred to the authority of the People’s Commissariat for Food Industry. From that time on, the Factory became known nationwide as Lenkhimpischeprom, the shortened version for Leningrad Factory of Chemical Food Flavoring.