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Food Ingredients. Raw Materials and Additives No. 2- 2008


Chemical & Food Aromatic Plant LLC
11 Partizanskaya Ulitsa, St. Petersburg 195027
Tel. +7 812 326 4811
Fax +7 812 224 2617

Chemical & Food Aromatic Plant was founded in 1935 based on the Politkatorzhanin production cooperative enterprise that manufactured extracts of wild-growing berries – cranberries and lingonberries. The decision of the People's Commissariat of the Soviet Government on the necessity to relieve the food branch from dependence on imports of raw stock laid the foundation for the creation of the domestic production of food essences. Since then, for more than 70 years already, our products have been well known to domestic food manufacturers. Familiar to most people from their very childhood is the taste of Lemonade and Cream Soda drinks and Duchess Pear and Barberry candies. In the USSR, these delicious products were manufactured exclusively based on our flavorings.

Today, Chemical & Food Aromatic Plant represents a multifunctional association including, apart from production services, specialized laboratories for flavorings development and application as well as departments for flavorings promotion in different food-industry branches: drinks production, confectionary, dairy, oil-and-fat, snack and other branches. Availing ourselves of vast scientific and technical potential and a state-of-the-art research base, we carry out the complete cycle of flavorings creation, from development to industrial manufacture. Russia's largest enterprise producing flavorings for all food-industry branches, the Plant offers a continuously-renewed portfolio of manufactured products with account for the current trends of the Russian consumer market. Our products rightly compete with imported foreign analogues in terms of both quality level and price. The Plant's doubtless advantages are its quick response to customer's requests concerning the adjustment of various flavoring tastes, the tight timeframe for production-order execution and flexibility in the solution of commercial issues. In connection with the activation of consumer demand in the country as well as contemporary producers' orientation towards the manufacture of products using natural ingredients, the Plant targets the continuous improvement of the production process, applying cutting-edge R&D for the creation of in-demand tastes and flavors. Relying on the adopted program for modernization of the production lines currently in place, we plan not only to reduce the prime cost of our manufactured products but also to use cutting-edge flavoring production technologies meeting the highest environmental-friendliness requirements.

Continuous expansion of the portfolio and sales volume increases are possible subject to the existence of a strict system of quality control at all production stages, from incoming raw-stock analysis to the end-product batch. The quality-management system has been certified for conformity to the ISO 9001-2000 international standard requirements by TUV NORD CERT GmbH & Co.KG (Germany). Adoption of the international quality-standard system and its successful functioning are official proof of the fact that the processes of product development, marketing, manufacture, storage and sales, as well as the Plant’s provision with material resources, fully conform to the global level, ensuring the predictable and reliable quality of our products.

Traditionally-strong areas of work of Chemical & Food Aromatic Plant are flavorings for confectionary products and drinks production. We offer to the manufacturer a wide portfolio of vanilla, cream, milk, fruit, berry, nut group and other flavorings for all types of sugar-based confectionary products and pastries. The new flavor assortment is continuously being expanded, with the traditional and popular items (Baked Milk, Vanilla Cream, Barberry etc) invariably available. Apart from the thorough approbation testing of flavorings using product model samples, our application laboratory specialists develop individual recommendations for confectionary enterprises with account for the specificity of their production cycle for the more effective adoption of flavorings in exclusive products. For the creation of composite taste and flavor bouquets of different confectionary masses, we offer composite flavorings as well as compositions with juice concentrates and other natural ingredients.

To drink manufacturers, we can offer a whole assortment of flavors (over 120 items) for the production of any drinks: sugar-based and low caloric, soft, low-alcoholic and long drinks, clear and clouded, carbonated and still, kvass, juice-containing and tea drinks.

In 1949, the USSR launched the production of a number of drinks that remain popular to this day, including: Lemonade (based on the Lemonade-drink blending composition according to the Plant's recipe), Pear Taste (based on the Pear Taste flavoring), Duchess Pear (based on the Duchess Pear flavoring) and Cream Soda (based on the Cream Soda flavoring). The developed recipes involved the use of sugar. However, since increasingly more people are taking heed of excessive caloric content, Plant specialists have developed sweetener-based analogues of said classical flavorings for the production of drinks that enable reproduction of the same taste familiar since childhood but with no sugar used.

The popularity of the tastes offered by the global brands Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola (controlling up to 50% of the market in Moscow and St. Petersburg) among today’s youth has inspired our specialists to create the Cool Cola line of drinks: Cool Cola Nut, Cool Cola Lemonade etc.

Compositions based on natural green and black tea extracts to the fullest extent possess all of the useful properties of the daily-consumed hot drinks. Taking into account our national idiosyncrasies, Plant specialists have developed original combinations of tea concentrates and fruity set flavorings in the collection of the so-called "summer" series of flavors. The balanced composition of astringent green tea overtones with the flavor of fresh strawberries or ripe feijoa render the products attractive to many consumers. Offered to those preferring traditional tastes is the harmonious combination of the black tea taste with raspberries, cherries or peaches.

Noticeable in the food-production market of today is the evident trend towards taste-set penetration from one branch into another. Thus, the tastes characteristic of confectionary products and drinks come to be used in ice cream. In accordance with this trend, we have created the following ice cream flavorings: Apple and Cinnamon, Icy Kvass as well as compositions based on green and black tea extracts.

Additionally, the Plant's product portfolio takes into account the needs of manufacturers of dairy products, margarines, spreads, mayonnaises, ketchups and other sauces, flavored vegetable oils, snack products etc.

The notion of "added value" has firmly asserted itself in the contemporary dictionary. Nowadays, the main objective of food-product manufacturers consists not only in quenching the consumer's thirst and hunger but also in exercising a benevolent effect on his/her health and overall wellbeing. Taking into account the global trends, Plant specialists are seriously engaged in the development of flavorings that include added-value functional ingredients for different areas of the food industry.

The Plant is a laureate of the Main All-Russian Public Award Russian National Olympus in the major industrial enterprise team category (Moscow, 2004), a laureate of the Russian Federation highest public award in the sphere of food production For the Abundance and Prosperity of Russia (ASSAGROS, 2001), winner of the competition among firms supplying raw-stock for the brewery and soft drinks industry (Beer Auction, St. Petersburg, 2001-2003) and in the competition Gold Ingredient: Northern Palmyra (Interfood, St. Petersburg, 2003). The quality of the Plant's products has been acknowledged with gold medals (Beer, Sochi, 2002-2004; World of Ice Cream and Cold, Moscow, 2004; Ingredients, Moscow, 2007; World of Ice Cream and Cold, Moscow, 2008 and others.

Among the Plant's consumers are largest food-industry enterprises of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and the Baltic states. The wide network of dealers and trade representative offices in different cities of Russia, the CIS and the Baltic states ensures the timely delivery of products. The enterprise's well-developed logistics structure also enables uninterrupted supplies under direct contracts with clients.

In October 2007, Chemical & Food Aromatic Plant became part of Phoenix Group holding company bringing together industrial and servicing enterprises operating in the following areas:

  • Vessel bunkerage
  • Marine fuels production and export
  • Marine fuels storage
  • Oil wastes collection and processing
  • Management of a drugstore supermarket chain and network development, in particular – in Russian regions
  • Management of a fast-food restaurant chain
  • Production of furniture for commercial purposes
  • Developer activities, construction and operation of multifaceted shopping malls

The company was founded by the well-known St. Petersburg businessman Yakov Yeroshevsky.

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