Anniversary Of
Russian Flavor Manufacturing

Chemical & Food Aromatic Plant presents vanilla flavorings


PARTNER: Confectioner and Baker, 18(6) - 2008

Vanilla collection

E.N. Moiseyeva, PhD (Engineering), Head of the Flavorings Application Laboratory
of Chemical & Food Aromatic Plant LLC

Vanilla is considered one of the most valuable spices. It is adored by confectioners and perfumers alike.
The Aztecs were the first to discover vanilla and regarded it as virtually a sacred plant. In honor of vanilla, a legend about beautiful but unhappy love was composed. Once upon a time, there lived a king whose daughter was so amazingly beautiful that giving her in marriage to an ordinary mortal would be a sacrilege. Thus, the only pursuit for her was to become a priestess. Once, however, the girl met a young man and fell in love with him, which enraged the high priest who ordered the lovers killed. Sometime later, a bush grew at the spot where they died, followed by a creeper vine entwining the bush. Then flowers blossomed on the vine that turned into fragrant pods. That's how vanilla appeared. Read more.

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