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World of Ice Cream and Quick-Frozen Products No. 3/2008


During the warm season, low-caloric products with a refreshing taste are in high demand. They primarily include ice cream with a weight fraction of fat of not more than 10% where milk fat is replaced with vegetable fat, sherbet, fruity and flavored ice. Characteristic of the ice cream kind concerned is the usage of natural non-dairy components – fruit and berry juices and concentrates enabling the ice cream’s caloric content reduction and imparting refreshing properties to such ice cream to an even greater degree.

The summer series collection by Chemical & Food Aromatic Plant includes new compositions based on green and black tea concentrates and kvass concentrate.

Black and green tea, the same as other products consumed daily by man over the course of centuries, possess a great number of properties that are beneficial for health. Tea is primarily appreciated due to its tonic effect, conditioned by its caffeine content. Coffee contains a considerable quantity of caffeine too, but the effect of the substance in tea and coffee is essentially different. Being an alkaloid, caffeine has an excitory effect on the central nervous system, enhancing man's working capacity.

In coffee, the effect of the caffeine alkaloid is of peaked nature, quickly surging up and equally quickly abating. Meanwhile, in tea, a considerable portion of caffeine is bound by tannins with the formation of caffeine tannate. Assimilation of caffeine is retarded, with its effect on the human body becoming more prolonged. In tea, caffeine displays tonic, not excitory properties. Another important tea component is its complex of phenol compounds that are extremely-powerful antioxidants. It is they that impart thirst-quenching properties and an astringent, pleasantly mouth-puckering taste to tea.

The natural concentrates Green Tea 205 and Black Tea 206 by Chemical & Food Aromatic Plant possess all the above useful properties to the fullest extent.

In contrast to the traditions of China and Japan, Russian people prefer drinking tea with sweet stuff – varenye, honey, sweets. Taking into account our national idiosyncrasies, we included original combinations of tea concentrates and fruity set flavorings in the collection of the summer series of flavors. The balanced taste composition of astringent green tea overtones with the sweetness of fresh strawberries or ripe feijoa will render your products attractive to most consumers.

Offered to those preferring traditional tastes is the harmonious combination of the black tea taste with raspberries, cherries or peaches. Another new trend of the season is the traditional Russian bread kvass taste. Soft-drink manufacturers say a lot about the usefulness of our national fermentation drink- kvass. The exceptionally-beneficial properties of sprouted rye and barley grains from which malt is produced are fully transferred to the kvass wort we use in the production of our Kvass 035 concentrate. Icy Kvass or Kvass Ice – what could be better on a hot summer day! Such an ice cream advertisement will not require great expenditures since the name speaks for itself. For manufacturers of similar products, we offer not only kvass wort concentrate but also flavorings allowing to intensify it or impart a "kvass" taste to ice cream.

The palette of "kvass" ice cream tastes is to be expanded with the help of flavorings imitating the taste of fruits, berries and other products traditionally used in the preparation of different kvass varieties: apple, currant, cherry, mint, coriander, honey and even horseradish. A sugar cone tasting of wild berries or ginger with succades may add to the relish.

Fruit ice with watermelon or melon, pomegranate and plum, orange and apricot flavor will also expand your portfolio of useful and delicious products. By way of juice component, we can offer natural concentrates: Citrus 2072, Fruit 204 and Apple 010.

The light, slightly-sour sherbet taste wonderfully harmonizes with the flavor of cranberry, cherry or apple with cinnamon. The flavoring Apple Cinnamon 676 was awarded a gold medal at the competition among suppliers of raw-stock for ice cream production at the exhibition World of Ice Cream and Cold 2007.

In spite of the variety and attractiveness of fruit flavors in summertime, the most popular taste, irrespective of the season, is that of Glace Plombières. It accounts for over one half of sales in all the regions of Russia. Classical Glace Plombières is ice cream on a milk base with a fat content of no less than 12%. This is a highly-caloric product. Reduction of fat content and replacement of milk fat with vegetable fat considerably decreases caloric content but with detriment to the taste.

One can render the product light in terms of composition and at the same time preserve the favorite Glace Plombières taste through the apt selection of food flavorings. Application of vanillin or purely-vanilla flavors usually yields no success. One needs to compensate for the lack of "creaminess" in the taste. Good results may be achieved through the usage of cream and vanilla cream set flavorings. Very popular with the Company's product consumers in such cases are the flavorings Cream Butter 661 and Glace Plombières 706. The flavorings quality was distinguished with a gold and a silver medal at the competition among suppliers of raw-stock for ice cream production held within the framework of the exhibition World of Ice Cream and Cold in 2007 and 2008.

The reliable quality and high level of food flavorings by Chemical & Food Aromatic Plant are ensured by the quality-management system in place at the enterprise certified for conformity to the requirements of the international standard ISO9001-2000, TuV NORD CERT GmbH & KG certificate, as long ago as 2002.

E.N. Karnaruk, Head of the Laboratory for Flavorings Application in Dairy Products and Ice Cream

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