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Training seminar held for representatives of the Plant's official dealer


On February 19-20, 2013, a traditional training seminar for representatives of the Plant's official dealers took place on the premises of Chemical & Food Aromatic Plant in St. Petersburg.

Within the framework of the seminar, recent developments of the Plant were covered with a discussion of the peculiarities of applying the range of manufactured products in the confectionary, dairy and oil-and-fat industry, as well as in the production of drinks.

Special emphasis was placed on the new line of natural flavorings as the most relevant in view of contemporary food-industry trends. Presentations and degustations were arranged by the following specialists of the Plant:

  • Head of the Flavorings Application Laboratory E.N. Moiseyeva;
  • Head of the Department for Flavorings Promotion in Drinks and the Dairy Industry M.N. Kuznetsova.

The outcome of operations in the previous year of 2012 and plans for the joint promotion of products in 2013 were discussed in the reports delivered by Sales Director V.V.Drozdov and Marketing Director V.N.Smirnov.

Training seminar
Training seminar

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