Anniversary Of
Russian Flavor Manufacturing

Oil-and-fat industry 2014


On October 29-30, 2014, Plant specialists took part in the XIV International Conference Oil-and-Fat Industry 2014 in St. Petersburg, conducted at the state industrial All-Union Research Institute of Fats. Y.N. Moiseyeva, Head of the Department for Flavoring Application in the Confectionery, Bakery, Oil-and-Fat and Food Concentrate Industry, Cand. Tech. Sc., presented her report at the conference. The natural flavorings “mustard 1135” and “butter 1143 krestyanskoye-type (“peasant-type”),” as developed by the Plant, were recognized with Gold Medals at a tasting contest of oil-and-fat products. An honorary diploma of the All-Union Research Institute of Fats was awarded to the Plant for its active participation in the research/practice conference and significant contribution to the overall development of the oil-and-fat industry.

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